Thomas Baudinette is Lecturer in International Studies in the Department of International Studies at Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia.

Dr Thomas Baudinette is a cultural anthropologist whose work has explored consumption of popular culture among queer communities in Japan, Mainland China, Thailand and the Philippines. He has a particular interest in the transnational spread of Japanese queer popular culture and its impacts on conceptualisations of gender and sexuality. He also investigates K-pop fandom in Japan and Australia.

Thomas’s work is united by a commitment to digital research methods, ethnographic practice and the study of the lived experiences of media use in everyday life. Recently, he has begun exploring the nexus of East and Southeast Asian popular culture, especially the development of pan-Asian “idol” celebrity and related fan cultures.

Thomas is fluent in English, Japanese and French. He has conversational Chinese and Korean.

His current research projects include:

-the ethnographic study of the Japanese gay media landscape, focussing on:

  • changing notions of gender and sexuality in neoliberal Japan
  • the intersection of race and ethnicity with queer identity in Japan

-a study of the globalisation of queer Japanese popular culture, including:

  • fandom for queer manga throughout the Asia-Pacific (with a focus on China and the Philippines )
  • the development of “series wai” or “Thai Boys Love” media since 2014

-the study of Korean popular culture fandom in Japan and Australia, particularly focussing on:

  • ethnographic study of K-pop fandom amongst queer individuals
  • impacts of inter-Asian media flows on notions of Australianness among K-pop fans

Thomas is currently Secretary for the Society for Queer Asian Studies, an Affiliate of the Association of Asian Studies.

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